Frequently Asked Questions


How has COVID-19 impacted this race season?

As our world recovers from the widespread COVID-19 pandemic, some events may remain canceled until further notice.  We continue to move forward cautiously and have been selective with the events we participate in.  Please refer to our upcoming races page for up-to-date information on which events THSD will be participating in this year.


Team Hoyt San Diego Team Information

Is Team Hoyt San Diego a certified non-profit?

Yes!  Team Hoyt San Diego’s mission is to promote inclusion in the community.  We are a California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit.


Athlete Riders

Who can be an athlete rider?

Anyone with challenges that prevent them from completing a race under their own power.

Is there an age limit for athlete riders?

No.  We welcome athletes of all ages with special needs.

Is there a weight limit to participate as an athlete rider?

No.  We have an inventory of race chairs that would accommodate our riders’ weight.  We would love for you to participate in one of our races and feel the power of “Yes You Can!”

Is there a membership fee for athlete riders?

No.  Contact us at:, and we will send you an athlete rider application.

Do I have to pay race entry fees?

Team Hoyt San Diego has developed excellent relationships with many race organizers; some allow our athlete riders to participate for free.  Some events require athlete riders to be registered.  In this case, Team Hoyt San Diego will work to secure a discounted code to assist with the fees.


Athlete Runners

Is there a membership fee for athlete runners?

Yes.  The one-time $75 fee will cover a background check and race day singlet.  Runners will be responsible for their own race entry fees.  Team Hoyt San Diego strives to secure discounted registration fees.

I’m not fast at running.  Can I still join?

Absolutely!  Being fast is not a requirement.  We have some fast runners and some who enjoy participating and go at a slower pace.  What matters is that you can lend your legs to our athlete riders, and you are on board for tons of fun!

What length races does the team participate in?

Team Hoyt San Diego participates in all events – 5Ks through Marathons.  Some even participate in Duathlons and Triathlons. 

How do I get paired up with a rider?

For the safety of our athlete riders, new members cannot push solo immediately.  After the first 4-5 races with Team Hoyt San Diego, you will be paired up with an athlete rider and a veteran athlete runner, so you can familiarize yourself with our equipment and navigate the race route safely. 

A few of my friends are interested in running alongside me and the athlete rider on race day.  Do they also need to do the background check?

To ensure the safety of our athlete riders, THSD permits only cleared runners who have gone through a background check and have a signed waiver to push our athlete riders during race events.  If you have a friend running in the race, they need to start in their specific corral.  They can catch you and run alongside you during the race, but they cannot push Team Hoyt San Diego athlete riders.  The athlete riders’ family members are the exception, as they are permitted to start with the team.

Is there a Team Hoyt corral, or do we run in the corral corresponding to our time?

Team Hoyt San Diego athletes usually start at the front of the race field to allow the chairs to space out on the course.  This allows the other racers to pass us on the course safely.


Friends & Volunteers

I don’t run. Can I still help?

Absolutely!  Team Hoyt San Diego is always in need of people to help set up and tear down, assist riders on race morning, and, most importantly, be a part of a cheer station!


Sponsorship Opportunities

Can I sponsor the team personally?

Yes!  We encourage sponsorship of our team on an individual level, not just at a corporate level.  Please contact us at: for more information.


Can my business become a sponsor?

Of course!  Team Hoyt San Diego relies on gracious donations from the community to make our mission possible.  Please get in touch with us at: for more information on the various sponsorship levels.


Can I donate my business’ services or merchandise?

We would love that!  Please contact us at: and send us a message regarding donations.