Leadership and Board of Directors

Tania Zamora (Officer/Director)

Team Hoyt San Diego President/ Executive Director

Tania Zamora is a Research Health Science Specialist at the VA San Diego Healthcare System. She serves as Vice-Chair for the advisory board of the City Chapter of Arc of San Diego. Tania completed her undergraduate degree at San Diego State University and her graduate degree from Pepperdine University. She is currently a JD candidate at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

She has volunteered as a CASA for Voices for Children while at SDSU. Tania has co-authored multiple publications and presentations for her work at the VASDHS.

Tania ran the Boston Marathon in 2017 with the Hoyt Foundation and competed in 6 full and over 50 half marathons.

Tania Zamora is the President/Executive Director of Team Hoyt San Diego and oversees all aspects of the organization’s activities. As President, she supervises the affairs of Team Hoyt San Diego, the Board of Directors, and its officers.

James Pathman (Officer/ Director)

Team Hoyt San Diego Vice President

Charles (Chuck) Wagner (Officer/ Director)

Team Hoyt San Diego Secretary


Kathy Boyer (Director)

Team Hoyt Diego Board of Director

Kathy Boyer has been a part of the “Team Hoyt” world since 2004, when she became Dick Hoyt’s girlfriend, and a short time later his Office Manager.  Kathy was by Dick’s side for countless race events over the years and was proud to help him establish the 11 Team Hoyt chapters around the country and Canada, which continue to carry on his legacy.

In 2021 Kathy was honored to be asked to sit on the Board of Team Hoyt San Diego. She has many happy memories of athletes from THSD coming to Holland, MA to do the local 5K with Dick and Rick, as well as flying to CA with Dick and Rick to take part in THSD events.

Kathy is “not a runner” but she enjoys organizing the race events and cheering from the sidelines as well as helping at water stops. She is so proud of all the Hoyt runners that are out there “loaning their arms and legs” so that THSD athletes can take part in race events.

Kathy is employed by the Town of Holland, MA as the part-time Assistant Town Clerk. When not working she takes long walks as well as Zumba and tap lessons.  She likes to watch Hallmark movies and almost every night she reads until the wee hours of the morning (usually while eating chocolate!!). She also enjoys spending time with her two 7-year-old granddaughters.

Doug Gilliland (Director)

Team Hoyt San Diego Board of Director

Doug Gilliland was the charity race director for Dick and Rick Hoyt’s Boston Marathon Team from 2006 to 2020. During that time, Team Hoyt raised almost two million dollars running the Boston Marathon. All of the money raised was donated to charities that were committed to the inclusion of disabled persons into everyday activities such as triathlons and marathons.

Doug also oversaw the founding of local Team Hoyt Chapters in Virginia Beach, San Diego, Alberta (Kwad Squad), New England, Canada, Texas, Couer D’Alene, Arizona, Ohio, Oklahoma, Las Vegas, and Kansas.
Doug was a founding member of Team Hoyt San Diego. After Dick Hoyt’s passing on March 17, 2021, Doug was named to fill Dick’s seat as the Executive Director of Team Hoyt New England.
Doug and his wife Aisling’s entire family have been involved with Team Hoyt since meeting them in 2005. Their family ran the inaugural BAA 5k in 2009. Their oldest daughter Nicole ran the Holland 5K in 2015 for Team Hoyt San Diego pushing JK and coming in 3d in the duo division. Their son Ronan ran the Falmouth Road Race in 2016 with Dick and Rick Hoyt. Ronan returned to Falmouth in 2019 to represent Team Hoyt San Diego and ran with Team Babsie. Their daughter Hannah ran her first marathon in 2020, qualified for Boston later that same year, and then was the first female finisher at the Carlsbad Marathon in 2022, finishing 4th overall. 
Doug has completed 10 consecutive Boston Marathons from 2006 and 2014. After the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing cut short his marathon that year, he returned to San Diego the following day to complete the final two miles with his wife Aisling.

Corey Hanrahan (Director)

Team Hoyt San Diego Board of Director

Corey Hanrahan has been involved with the Hoyt Foundations since running his first Boston Marathon with the Hoyt Foundation in April 2011. Corey ran a total of four Boston Marathons with the Hoyt Foundation. Corey travelled to Boston every year from 2011 to 2019 to assist the Hoyt Foundation with marathon weekend.

Corey broached the idea of creating Team Hoyt San Diego with Dick and Rick while on the Boston Marathon course in 2013. Corey came back to San Diego and connected with Doug Gilliland, Randy Rechs, Jim Pathman, and Chuck Wagner and proposed creating the chapter. It was a resounding “yes” from everyone, and Team Hoyt San Diego was born.

Corey proudly served as President of Team Hoyt San Diego from 2013 to 2020. Corey is also an employment law attorney in San Diego. In total, Corey has completed seven full marathons, and countless half marathons (including two top 100 finishes in local San Diego half marathons).

Randy Rechs (Director)

Team Hoyt San Diego Board of Director